Best 6 person tent for Camping in 2022 [Our Reviews & Comparisons]

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When hikers tell everyone how much fun they had on a multi-week hiking trip, the conversation inevitably turns to “what tent did you use?”

When the conversation turns to tents, little else is talked about.

We get the gist of it; in the ‘low-budget’ group, the tents you see around are mainly Chinese tents, and not exact copies of more high quality tents.

However, many of us can’t afford a proper tent, and that is where the Chinese tents come in: theirs are cheap, but the flimsy ones will definitely not win any design or quality awards.

Most of the tents we see in the mid-range are also manufactured in China, and while the quality is a lot better, they still look like cheap copies of other tents — the theme is still the same.

That leaves the ‘high-end’ categories to battle it out; manufacturers are usually based in US, Canada or Europe. The tents they produce are works of art as far as tent-design is concerned.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6Best OverallALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6
Coleman Dome TentBudget PickColeman Dome Tent
Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee TentUpgrade PickWinterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

1. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6

Our rating: 9 / 10

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6

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  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Good use

This six-person tent is considered to be very spacious, and it sleeps one adult at each end, with two or three children in the middle.

Unlike many of these tents, it uses a rainfly and a vestibule instead of directly attaching the rainfly to the body of the tent. This is an important distinction because in my experience, attaching the rainfly directly to the tent tends to crush the waterproofing membrane under the fly. By using a vestibule, there is more ventilation and the waterproofing of the fly is less crushed.

2. Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent 10×10 Feet Portable Cabin Tent

Our rating: 8 / 10

Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent 10x10 Feet Portable Cabin Tent

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  • Very substantial construction for traveling around
  • Warm sleeping bags
  • Easy to clean
  • Six person tent is big enough for several kids, pets and adults
  • Very good customer service


Inner tent is really thin. The outer struts hold everything up and the inner tent is thin. It also has lots of weird shapes that are hard to stuff.

The stakes tear into the floor material.

3. Coleman Dome Tent

Our rating: 8 / 10

Coleman Dome Tent

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  • Perfect for large families
  • Great loads of windows allowing you to cool in the summer and warm in winter
  • Built with heat reflective technologies to keep the temperature lower in the tent
  • Metal poles making it sturdy and rigorous
  • Allows you to find a nice and comfortable place to sleep in regardless of rain or shine
  • Includes ventilation windows for good air circulation
  • Easy to pitch and assemble


  • Not suitable for heavy storms like lightening and heavy rain
  • Not suitable for cold climate due to its ac. heat reflective roof
  • Takes up more storage space than one might hope

This is our choice of the best outdoor tents for camping in 2020. Many people have rated this tent as the best because of the benefits it provides. This tent is great for families who are looking for a product that is spacious and makes it comfortable to sleep together.

It is a Coleman made tent so is suitable for most terrains. It comes with a rain fly cover which protects you from rain falls. Being waterproof will ensure that you are safe when it rains. It is designed for all seasons. It has a very spacious design that makes more than 6 people comfortable in it.

4. Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

Our rating: 8 / 10

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

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  • Easy setup
  • Mesh vents for cross ventilation
  • Comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag
  • Easy to put up
  • Keeps out rain, water, and snow
  • Indoor storage pocket
  • Ultra-high-quality fabric


  • Difficult to close the door in rainy weather
  • The floor does not come with a bathtub floor
  • Some customers complain about the poles not fitting tight enough into the fabric

Rope, and Storage Pouches.

The Winterial 6-7-Person Teepee Tent is a royal blue tent for your whole family to stay in or for sleeping for 6 adults and two kids. It could also be used to keep people out of the weather for different occasions, like festivals, fairs, camping, birthday parties, etc. It comes in four pieces and the bottom part of the tent is made from black fabric, which adds to the overall beauty of the tent. It has an inner floor with a height of about 40 cm from the ground and it has 14 windows with mesh vents for cross ventilation.

The black fabric of this tent is made of thick polyester material and the poles are made of sturdy aluminum. The carrying bag is really strong and it is black in color. The head area is covered with an awning. Under the awning there is a big window covered with mesh to allow proper ventilation.

5. Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person Tent

Our rating: 6 / 10

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person Tent

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  • Rooms fit queen-sized airbeds
  • Tons of space
  • Two rooms

The Eureka Copper Canyon 6-Person Tent is just what you need for a weekend getaway with your friends or family. It is big enough to fit two queen sized airbeds inside of each of the rooms, so there is ample floor space for 6 people to comfortably sit around and talk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best 6 person tent to buy?

This depends a lot on what your camping plans are.

Do you need space for sleeping six people? Or do you just need a lot of ground covered by the tent?

Many of these big tents also come with more than one type of tent. So you might be able to sleep six, but there may also be room for a den, or a kitchen area, depending on the style you choose.

The aim is always to consider what your lifestyle is. If you are a family of six, you need to think about what you are going to do with the tent.

For example, if you need space for a separate mom's and dad's corner, you'll need to look at the height and struts of each tent. If you need space for more than just a bed, kitchen, and toilet room, you need to consider what else will fit in your tent.

Ropes and stakes will also help to keep your tent secure.

Which brand of tent is best?

While there are numerous tents in the market, they are not all the same. Each tent is made with a specific purpose in mind, and the brand you choose should be based on what you’re looking for.

To select the best brand of tent, you should know that not all tents are waterproof. Some tents are made for mild weather and other tents are perfect for tough weather. The second thing that you should consider when you are looking for the best tent brand is the material used in the making of the tent. The most popular material used in making tents is PVC tarpaulin. The material should be selected to meet your needs and your weather expectations. Remember that the best product is the one that works for you.

What are the best quality family tents?

There many outdoor tents for vacation, picnic, outing, family or small group, these outdoor tents are a fantastic choice. They come with amazing features and utilities.

Maximize your outdoor experience with these tents. You can relax on their comfortable sleeping bags. They are 100 percent waterproof with excellent zippers and movable windows. These tents are easy to clean. Besides, they have a compact design for easy storage.

You will forget the worries of weather changes with these tent brands. These tents will protect you from rain and strong winds. Their poles are rust-proof and water-proof.

These outdoor tents are fantastic for camping and hiking. They are easy to set up. They take a few minutes to put up. You have a quick walk-through instruction. The tent is made of water-proof materials. You can camp in them for the whole week with your loved ones.

What is the most durable tent?

After researching for hours, scouring online reviews, comparing at price, size, dimensions, number of people this 4-season tent seems to be the best. For six grown campers we decided on the Kelty Klamath 4 tent. It is made of 100% waterproof 7800mm polyester and has room enough for six adults and gear. Packs up nice and small and comes with a gear loft for storing small items.

For backpacking in cold weather this mountaineer 4-season tent was another great choice due to its extreme durability and high quality of craftsmanship. The fabric is coated with silicon and polyurethane to ensure longevity and a spectacular design.

This 3 room tent also comes with an electric port and light to provide extra lighting on those DARK days in the backcountry. Been a camper for years and have never seen a tent like this. Its very popular.


This year you could have a spring and summer without rain, or you could have a harsh winter followed by torrential downpours in summer. The time of year when you are going to be using your tent will affect your choice, as will the number of people going with you. If you are going with a group of friends, for instance, your choice is different from when you are going on a family holiday. We hope this guide has helped you choose the best tent for your needs.

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ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6Best OverallALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6
Coleman Dome TentBudget PickColeman Dome Tent
Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee TentUpgrade PickWinterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent