Best Beach Tent for Babies in 2022 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

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Camping out with your baby? A beach tent is an economical and convenient option! Don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars on a fancy baby beach tent for toddlers? No problem.

You can find excellent baby beach tents for cheap, and I review my favorite ones right here!

Don’t like bringing a bulky stroller to the beach?

Don’t want to bring a big crib tent with you?

Don’t need somewhere to sleep on the beach?

A baby beach tent is a great option. It’s cheap, convenient, and ideal for keeping your baby safe from the sun.

Check out the best baby beach tents for 2022 below!

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby DomeBest OverallFisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome
Large Baby Beach TentBudget PickLarge Baby Beach Tent
ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 PersonUpgrade PickZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person

1. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

Our rating: 9 / 10

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

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  • IMPORTANT: This tent has a mesh panel on the top, so you will need at least an umbrella style sunshade in order to provide ventilation.

Setting up this tent can be a bit of a challenge for one person. With two people, however, it is easy to put into position. Once you figure out how it goes, you will be able to set it up in about three minutes.

The tent is very easy to assemble and knock down. It has a maximum height of 42 inches and a total weight of 11 pounds.

2. Schylling UV Play Shade

Our rating: 8 / 10

Schylling UV Play Shade

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  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to set up; literally in about 3 seconds, it cradles in place on any chair, table or bench
  • Provides amazing cover and keeps the infants out of direct sunlight
  • Keeps the area more shaded than normal canopies
  • The shade is attached, a little bit hard to carry so be sure to bring the straps to make easier to carry
  • Includes a carry case
  • Folds up and fits in the bag


  • Requires some time to set up if used on the beach
  • The material is not waterproof; it can be used in case of light rain
  • Not big, so it is not a good thing for a group
  • No mesh in the top that I like to see but it keeps trying to become the traditional umbrella one day
  • The carrying bag could use a little bit more reinforcement and stronger handles

The Schylling kids’ UV play shade, SPF 50+, can be setup on the beach or in the backyard, but the use in the backyard is way more interesting and functional.

This play shade is ideal for children and any parents who wants to protect them from the harmful sun rays.

This setup-in-3-seconds umbrella does not require any tools to put together.

3. Babymoov Indoor & Outdoor Tipi

Our rating: 8 / 10

Babymoov Indoor & Outdoor Tipi

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  • Easy setup
  • Roomy enough for an adult to fit in and play with your kid
  • Bug resistant
  • Easy to carry, lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits in most elevators


  • Too large for a small house
  • Needs more anchor pegs

The Babymoov Indoor & Outdoor Tipi is an excellent tent for young kids. It offers your baby plenty of room to run around and play and can fit in quite a bit of your gear.

It comes with a 140cm x 180cm play mat that is easy to clean or you can remove it if it gets too buggy. ​

The tent itself has a 100cm x 100cm floor space. There are mesh panels that give your kids plenty of visibility, while giving you a clear view of them.

4. Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Portable Shade Pool UV Protection Sun Shelter

Our rating: 8 / 10

Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Portable Shade Pool UV Protection Sun Shelter

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  • Made of strong and durable 190T taffeta
  • Easy to set up and fold down
  • UV protection and privacy
  • Up to 100lbs load capacity
  • Easy to carry, travel and store
  • Great sun shelter for baby
  • Easy to clean


  • The bathtub bottom isn’t as sturdy as other models
  • The back side had 2 sections of mesh

It is the best baby beach tent for 2016 as it provides adequate shade and comfort for the baby. The tent consists of fiberglass rods and aluminum poles that can hold the weight of up to 100lbs.

The tent can accommodate a baby cot and is durable for traveling purposes. It can also be used as a sun shade and playpen.

The tent consists of 2pcs tents, 2 poles. These parts are well-designed and are easy to assemble. Therefore you do not need any help.

5. Pacific Play Tents SV-024 Lil Nursery

Our rating: 8 / 10

Pacific Play Tents SV-024 Lil Nursery

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  • Child-safe materials and design.
  • Includes solid fabric loop zipper for easy and safe entry and exit.
  • Bright colors and designs that appeal to children.
  • Durable materials will stand up to years of outdoor use.
  • Can be folded and stored without sacrificing stability.


The TOMY I Can Play Tents are not only some of the best portable beach tents, but also some of the best toys that your child can use. This product comes with a ringed tent for your child.

It is designed with an opening on top of the tent where your child can peek out, and it is also designed with a window that your children can peek out.

6. NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Tent Baby Beach Pool Sun Shelter UV Protection Beach Shade

Our rating: 8 / 10

NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Tent Baby Beach Pool Sun Shelter UV Protection Beach Shade

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  • UV protection
  • Includes stakes to secure the tent
  • Easy to set up
  • Good price

If you’re looking for the best beach tent for your baby, then the NEQUARE baby beach tent could be a great pick for you. It’s a simple, round-shaped, tent that’s very well made, although not as high-quality as some of the more expensive tents; still, it’s extremely affordable.

The NEQUARE tent’s material has a UPF rating of 50+, which guarantees you that it will protect your baby from the sun and not the other way around.

Despite being extremely simple, the tent is still easy to set up. You can put it up even on a windy day by yourself and there’s no fuss.

7. ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person

Our rating: 8 / 10

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person

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  • The first cart with sun shade
  • Has been designed to protect everyone in the family in a wide range of outdoor environments
  • Has Ultra-violet protection
  • The fabric is made from high quality oxford cloth, which is very sturdy and strong
  • Easy to set up, it can be set up within seconds and no tools are required
  • Has been designed to be very portable as it comes with its own carry bag
  • Has a strong fiberglass pole structure that does not break or bend
  • It is fully carpeted which means it does not make noise when you walk on it
  • Each zippered window opening comes with its own mesh
  • The window mesh is adjustable

The ZOMAKE Pop Up Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person is a pretty solid option depending on your needs.

This tent can get you through three seasons of outdoor activities, and it does that very well.

For those of you who are looking for an option that can deal with spring and summer, this one can be a solid contender.

8. SUNBA YOUTH Baby Beach Tent

Our rating: 8 / 10

SUNBA YOUTH Baby Beach Tent

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  • Great protection from the sun
  • Comes with a mesh lining
  • Very easy to set up and take down
  • Perfect for parents who like to breathe in the fresh air while keeping an eye on their kids
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes in a great fun color
  • Holds up well in the wind
  • The material is made of durable polyester


  • The material is not very resistant to water
  • The sitting area is pretty small
  • The material may be see-through
  • The tent is not very stable

Waterproof Tent with Netting and Carry Case, Orange.

While you are shopping for beach tents for babies, you’ll likely notice that one of the main complaints many users raise about these products is that they run very small.

This is not the case with this baby pool tent from Sunba, although your kids will probably grow out of it sooner than what many parents want. The height is around 82 inches so you don’t have to worry about your children hitting their heads if they are sitting down.

9. Large Baby Beach Tent

Our rating: 7 / 10

Large Baby Beach Tent

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  • Strong and stable frame
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large enough to accommodate two parents and their children
  • Waterproof


  • You need to spread the tent and keep the floor perpendicular to sunlight
  • Does not cover the ends

The portable travel baby & kids tent is a lifesaver during summer. It allows you to spend time with your baby in the sun without getting stung by the UV radiation.

This tent is made of strong and durable polyester fabric which will allow you to carry it around with ease. It is water resistant and provides enough shade and protection to your baby.

The tent also features a mosquito net and canopy with a hat brim. It has 2 pockets which you can fill with toys, books, or bottles. When the kids are playing in the tent, you don’t have to worry about the hot summer sun bearing down on them. This tent can be erected in a few minutes. You only need to fold it to pack it back in the carrying bag.

10. wilwolfer Beach Tent Pop Up Sun Shelter Plus Cabana Automatic Canopy Shade Portable UV Protection Easy Setup Windproof Stable

Our rating: 7 / 10

wilwolfer Beach Tent Pop Up Sun Shelter Plus Cabana Automatic Canopy Shade Portable UV Protection Easy Setup Windproof Stable

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  • Very lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Easy to bring along on a camping trip
  • Large enough for several adults, or for one adult and several children
  • Colors are vibrant, and the fabric is strong


  • Does not come with stakes; you will have to buy your own
  • Fabric fades quickly and can tear easily

When you are looking for a solution that is both affordable and functional, this wilwolfer beach tent may be a good fit for your needs. It comes with a nice carrying bag that makes it easy to transport and store.

This tent is made from polyester fabric, with steel frame poles which makes it incredibly strong. Its UV protection helps reduce the sun’s harmful rays, a killer to people not accustomed to long hours in the sun.

The tent is large enough for two adults or one adult and several children, making it ideal for family outings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best beach tent for babies?

Although finding a baby beach tent can be quite a challenge, this baby beach tent by Pawhut is a great one. To start with, it’s very light in weight, which means that you can carry it with ease and hassle-free. This makes beach trips very easy and convenient, especially when parents are lacking time or when they have many kids to carry along with it.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is its size. This is really great especially for parents who want to save time during set up. It also makes it very easy for parents to either set it up alone or with the help of their kids as it is quite easy to set up.

What is the best beach tent?

If you are searching for the best beach tent for babies, you are not alone. A beach tent is perfect for those beach vacations with small children.

Different from the traditional tent in the wilderness, a beach tent is smaller, collapsible, and usually bright in colors.

It is also easy to set up, so you do not need to carry too many poles around.

In addition, this small and easy-to-carry outdoor tent is affordable and can be used for all kinds of outings.

Going to the beach is fun with babies, however, you need to prepare for your baby before and after your visit. Beach toys, sunscreens, a beach sleeping bag are necessities.

However, if you do not want to lug around many things, this would be the best.

What should my baby wear to the beach?

Bring lots of sunscreen and be prepared to soak your baby in it with every reapplication. Kissable soft lips are my favorite part of your baby, but you'll want to protect them as much as possible with lip protection. When possible, keep your baby's body covered. Remember that ultra violet radiation can penetrate up to two inches of clothing. Wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses to protect your baby's eyes. Consider investing in a pair of UV blocked swimwear.

Can I take my 1 month old to the beach?

The general rule would be to not take a baby to the beach before he is two-months old. This is because the baby’s immature immune system would obviously be susceptible to infections from the sea water and he could contract jaundice, a condition common in babies caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

If the baby is already two-months old when you go to the beach, then it’s safe to bring him with you. But, you can still bring a beach tent along if you want to protect him from the harshest effects of the sun.

A three month old can go to the beach and basically almost everything that he is able to do, because his immune system has become fully mature by then. He can be in the water for short periods of time and he can’t tolerate direct sunlight for more than five minutes.


In this article we will break down the factors that are important to focus on when shopping for the best beach tent for babies. Overall, it comes down to premium quality, ease of setup, usability, and durability. We will provide five clear recommendation for the best beach tent for your family.

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Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby DomeBest OverallFisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome
Large Baby Beach TentBudget PickLarge Baby Beach Tent
ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 PersonUpgrade PickZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person