How to Throw a Beach Party

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Step 1. Find the right beach

What you need is access to the beach, which nowadays may be down a long dirt track leading to a glorified dirt pile. In theory, the county is supposed to maintain the road to at least county standards. But if not, you will be stuck and very unhappy with the party turns into something out of the Richard Hill book about Outback Australia.

Step 3. Make a guest list

Once you’ve decided on a theme and location, then you can begin thinking about who to invite. Your list should include anyone who is over 18. You’ll need to get RSVPs to know who will be showing up.

Fifty percent of people tend to make excuses for not coming to an event. They might come up with a number of valid reasons why they won’t be able to make it, such as no one to baby-sit, no transportation, or illness.

Don’t rely on a RSVP. Instead, send out your invites early to avoid this last-minute excuse.

You will also need to consider whether there will be single people in attendance. Are you only inviting couples? If so, do you need to do anything special for them?

Surveys also show that people are more likely to make plans for a specific date than a specific time. So you may want to ask yourself, “If I’m inviting a large group of people, is one-hour notice going to allow them to make plans with me?” If not, then you should consider giving longer advance notice.

Step 2. Choose time and day for your party

Choose a day and time when you can control the weather for your party. You have the option of throwing an indoor or outdoor party. A beach party definitely works better and looks better when held outdoors.

If you are going to throw an outside party make sure that the weather on the day of your party is sunny and that there are very few clouds. It is one thing throwing a beach party in the rain and quite another thing throwing one in the rain in the dressing you planned to wear at your party.

If you think of throwing an indoor party with your own decorations, then make sure that the place you decide to hold your party must have a fully functional electricity supply. You would not want to disappoint your party guests by failing to serve them a full course meal, appetizers, or drinks.

Step 3. Plan party activities

While the adults are out of the room, ask the kids to gather around and share ideas for the activities you’d like to include in the party. Ask them to shout out ideas, and jot down all of their suggestions. Pick a few of the best ones, and list them on a whiteboard. Choose activities that will get the guests of all ages moving and engaged with each other. Then set about rearranging the furniture in the room to create a fun environment.

If you have a room in your home that can be closed off from other family members, this is the place to put your party activities. But if this is not an option, you might need to move things back into place after each activity. Keep this in mind when selecting your activities.

Bubble Blowing

Get out your bubbles! You can find what you need at a toy store. You can also use bath toys and add bubbles to them. You can blow bubbles as a group, or have everyone try to blow a bubble around a pinwheel.

Step 4. Get party furnishing & decorations

  • Look for the colorful beach umbrellas, sun shades and beach balls. They will add a colorful touch to the decoration.
  • You can also make your own decorations by decorating bags or old newspapers with colorful paints.
  • Get colorful beach towels to spread on the floor. People can lie on the towels for sitting or lying down during the party.
  • You can also put on the music. If you have a beach-themed CD, you should put it on to set the mood for the party.
  • You can also get interesting items, such as stones or shells, from the beach to use as gifts for guests. Encourage guests to take the stones with them as a souvenir.
  • Buy some of the beach items, such as a beach play set or buckets and shovels, at local party stores.

Step 5. Start preparing food & drinks

The table is set and the house is filled with good smells. It’s about time to relax with your friends and family, and thankfully you’re only steps away from the kitchen.

Don’t waste a minute! Start prepping the food and drinks that you’ll need to make your party successful.

For a casual party, you’ll probably only need to make a few dishes such as pizza and pasta, but be sure to have some side items like some salads and vegetables to go with it.

Make enough for everyone, and don’t forget to have a few other options available just in case. You’ll be in charge of the food so try to pick recipes that you’re familiar with and are simple to prepare.

Step 5. Calculate the amount of necessary food

Most group events require a delineation of responsibilities. You should assign your loved-ones with different tasks to ensure a proper delivery. The same applies to party planning. In this case, it will be the drink purchase and preparation. It is also important to delegate these tasks so that no one feels overwhelmed.

Make sure that you follow through with your plans to organize the party, as you might experience items that may not work due to being poorly planned.

Items like throwing sand in the wind, or not packing a large enough cooler can be a problem. The best potential solutions to these kinds of issues start with proper planning.

Step 6. Send invitations to the guests

And ask them to bring a towel for sitting on the sand.

Refreshments are very important at this party. Not only do they contribute to a festive mood, but they also make the beach more comfortable.

Consider the following when setting up your refreshment table:

{1}. Try to set up the table near a shady area on the beach.
{2}. Place a small disposable plastic tablecloth on the table and use it to hold your refreshing drinks.
{3}. Place cups on their saucers, plates, and any extra condiments on the table. Use plastic cutlery, and make sure to separate it from the regular silverware.
{4}. Make sure to have enough refreshments for all of your guests.
{5}. Apple juice, ice tea, and lemonade are all excellent refreshments for a beach party. Go all out with your drink selection and consider including a variety of fruit juices for your guests to choose from.
{6}. For a themed party, use party straws to further your decorating theme. Your refreshments will appear more festive and your guests will be able to enjoy the refreshments easier.

Step 7. Keep the party going

Now that you have your beach supplies and your party invites are out, you must keep people coming.

The idea is to keep the party flowing, so the more your friends come, the merrier you can be and so on. This second level of party’s purpose, the flow, is accomplished by balancing the pacing and energy of the party.

Pace is the speed at which the party moves, and energy is how much excitement is being generated.

To maximize the flow of the party, you have to ensure that the party’s pace is set just right, a good level of energy is maintained and that the party is continuously moving towards the ultimate goal: the party’s own climax.