10 Must Have Beach Packing List Items You’ll Want for Beach Vacation

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It is entirely possible that you packed an entire week’s worth of clothes and not think to bring along a swimsuit. This is the beach! You have to swim, surf, tan, and look good doing it!

We’re not going to say that there’s anything wrong with having a super cute bikini that you wear every day, but it’s a vacation. We’d suggest a swimsuit that does double duty. A brightly colored cover up that is cute enough to wear on the beach and can be worn again when you get back home.


It’s not a vacation without this perfect pair of shoes.

Make sure you get a pair that’s washable because you’re going to get them really dirty. Remember – when you get halfway down that sand dune, do not send your flip-flops back to the car, strap them to your back-pack, carry them with you.


Sunscreen should be the first item on your beach packing checklist. All it takes is one day of being out in the sun without protection and your skin will pay.

Sunscreen should be the first item on your beach packing checklist. All it takes is one day of being out in the sun without protection and your skin will pay. Make sure to apply it after every time you get out of the water and reapply every few hours. You don’t want to end up getting a sunburn when you’re actually trying to enjoy your vacation.

Beach towel

A beach towel is the most crucial item for any beach trip. It’s also one of the most important items for any vacation period. You will need to dry yourself and all of your beach gear after getting out of the water. If you have a wet a soggy towel to dry with, you’re going to end up staying wet for hours. So make sure that you have at least two beach towels with you. One for your personal use and the other to share with a friend.

A beach towel is also useful for drying off your feet after a day at the beach, wrapping around your lower body when you go swimming, or even for laying under you to reduce sand levels when you’re sunbathing.


Protecting your head, neck, ears, and face from the worst of UV sun exposure is a must. Many hats have added UV protection under the brim. Make sure that your hat does … there are some choices available at the beach shop.

The hat is not just for sun protection. The hat also keep the sand out until you can find a place to temporarily store your stuff while you are in the water.

Beach bag

It’s always a good idea to have portable bag that holds your personal items. Whether you’re going to the beach or the boat, you’ll want to have a place to put your phone, sunscreen, a hat, towel, and other essentials.

Waterproof dry bag

Dry bags come in so many sizes and colors, from small day bags to large hiking back packs, so there’s something to suit every need. These bags are incredibly handy as not only do they help keep your belongings dry, but you can use them for all kinds of other tasks, like protecting your cell phone or camera while taking pictures on the beach.

For the beach, you’ll want to get a waterproof dry bag that’s large enough to fit most of your electronic gear including your cell phone, camera, and a charger. If you’re travelling with children, you will also want to pack a cheapo kid’s water resistant watch to help them keep track of time while they play in the waves, while you relax with a cosmopolitan.

Make sure that the dry bag is large enough to fit in your beach bag, so you can keep your valuables dry all day, but check the airline’s carry-on requirements before using it at the airport.

If you’re travelling internationally, avoid using dry bags as they’re often not allowed on airplanes. When packing camera gear, make sure that your camera is also protected from water and sand by storing it in a clean, dry camera bag prior to putting it into the dry bag.

Beach tent

As the name implies, the beach tent is a portable tent that you can set up right on the beach. Most of today’s beach tents are now made with lightweight materials, making them very portable. You can easily pack them in your bag or tote when you’re heading to the beach.

These tents feature a zipper or Velcro-like fastener that allows you to set up the tent in only a few minutes. These tents are not as stable as those that are erected on a flat surface such as firm ground or solid floor.

Still, tent options that are anchored down with stakes help you relax more. They add stability for you and your family or your friends. This gives you a chance to enjoy a nap in the shade, read a book or a magazine, enjoy your favorite drink or meal without having to worry about the constant threat of high winds or sand blowing into your food.

Portable cooler

As you get close to your summer beach vacations, the first thing you should pack is your cooler. This is where you will store your snacks and drinks. You should keep a cooler at your place that you can use all year round.

Why? Because in winter, you want it to store foods like fruits and vegetables. However, when summer comes around, you can use it to keep your water and beverages cool.

You can buy these coolers in different sizes. You can also choose your own color since they come in attractive colors. Some, like the red and white one, can be very attractive. If you need space, then you can choose a larger one. Many, however, prefer the smaller ones.

Waterproof phone case

Tell me that’s not high on your things you’ll want for the beach list! When we go to the beach, I see a ton of people taking pictures and videos with their phones and spending hours going through their photos and videos.

If you aren’t using a waterproof phone case or aren’t mindful of where you’re taking pictures, you could be leaving a lot of memories back at your cottage. I know this personally because it took me an entire trip to the US to find out that my new phone wasn’t waterproof. Remember when I told you to bring earplugs? Well, the next time you go to the beach, you’ll want to bring a waterproof phone case too.

Oh I almost forgot, they’re a must for swimming selfies too….