11 Tips for an Effortless Summer Party

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Keep Fit with the Right Attire

Wearing light, breathable fabrics is the key to an effortless summer party. The days are long and the weather is warm, yet you’re a guest at a party you’re attending in August. It’s a black tie event, and you definitely want to be fashion-forward. What to do?

Choose silk instead of satin, and include a breathable, lightweight piece. Wear a silk scarf in lieu of a shirt or tie. Silk is the best fabric in summer. It allows for a range of motion and easy movement. With silk, you can get away with what you want and remain comfortable to boot.

Let your Guest be part of the Game

Hosting a party means you want your guest to have an exciting and fun time. To ensure this, you want to provide a variety of activities to generate a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm. When people are enthusiastic about something, you can expect that they will want to spend more time doing it and have more fun.

Making your guests enthusiastic about the game is made easier by giving them a reason to be. Guest often get lost in the crowd and lose that sense of belonging when they don’t have a specific role to play or purpose to fulfill. A sense of belonging improves engagement and people naturally want to stay where they feel comfortable.

Remember to create a buzz by setting up games that make people enthusiastic. Keep the games exciting with logical breaks, or give prizes to those who have the highest scores.

Bring ‘life’ to the party

Summer parties bring life to your home with their happiness and sense of independence. A summer party adds colors and costumes to a gray and sleepy winter day. They bring lightness to the air and shine to the life, making hearts feel more joyful. Opt for a summer party when you host a get together with friends and family, or when you need the spirits to rise during a party in honor of a special event or occasion. Summer parties always have more fun, as they are geared towards spending and forgetting the day’s drudgery.

Bring starlets to your summer party by drawing attention to their glitz and glamour, which give a colorful and shining effect. This way, you can achieve the innovative sense that you want to bring to everyone and everything.

Summer party accessories, such as colorful balloons, ribbons, and streamers, are the best way to create an atmosphere of festivity and merriment that encapsulates the party. Such accessories are best used on pergolas, gazebos, and other kinds of party pavilions. You can also decorate party tents and canopies with butterflies, birdhouses, or fairy lights.

Ensure Continuous Flow of Flavored Water

A flavored water station is a great way for your guests to stay hydrated during an event. You don’t have to be a bartender to pull this off. Simply buy a few bottles of flavored water – strawberry, citrus, etc. — and fill a pitcher or large glass container with ice. You can also use a fruit or veggie tray as a base for your flavored water station and serve drinks in tumblers or martini glasses.

The key to keeping a steady flow of tasty drinks is to have several pitchers ready to refill and keep them circulating on the table. Make sure you have enough ice in the pitchers so the water stays cold. Have extra refills on standby as well so you can keep up with the demand. Use a variety of glasses and pitchers so it’s easy for guests to switch flavors.

Also, consider having pitchers of water or lemonade on standby. Guests may get thirsty between sips of flavored water, so it’s handy to have an alternative available.

Ready Health Response

Inc., Is Always Ready To Help!

With the summer season right around the corner, many homeowners are preparing for the warm weather and the fun parties that are often associated with it. No matter where you live, summer parties and gatherings can turn seem chaotic with too many guests and not enough food or drink. Before your next summer shindig, try some of the following tips from Ready Health Response, Inc. to help keep everyone partying happily.

Understand Your Guest Count

Be clear about the number of guests you’re expecting before you begin cooking up a feast. This way, you’ll be certain about the amounts of food and drink you’ll need to supply.

Prepare Your Kitchen

Do a little spring cleaning to be sure your kitchen is in top shape for the party. Toss out any spoiled or expired foods, purchase any food or drink items you’ll need and have the right serving equipment easily accessible. Preparing your space before the party starts will help you stay organized and keep you from being overwhelmed.

Plan Your Menu

Take a look at your available food resources and plan your menu beforehand. Doing so will help ensure that you have everything you need to prepare a good meal.

Purchase Food and Drink in Advance

Seating Arrangement

A typical summer party with people from your neighborhood can be a casual event with an informal invitation. Or you may choose to throw a catered party in your backyard for all of your friends and family. What you will be serving and how the party is organized will ultimately affect how your guests will socialize in your space.

Some tips for arranging your backyard space for an outdoor party include:

A picnic layout will give your guests a place to talk.

With no assigned seats, your guests will stand or sit wherever they feel comfortable.

A series of low questions with pillows or cushions for seating.

This allows for personal conversation, easy movement, and ensures that your guests will mingle with each other.

Even partygoers who may not know each other can start new conversations.

You can also add a central table or countertop with drinks off to the side, so that guests can replenish if they need a refill.

Using a self-service ice bucket and pitchers for drink refills.

Keeping glasses free of food particles will help avoid any confusion.

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Nothing kills a party faster than running out of supplies. Always keep common supplies like plates and cups on hand, but also have some extras like water guns, kites, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and sidewalk chalk boards. It’s the little things that can make a difference between a good party and a great party.

Make party food simple

Summer parties should be all about easy food, whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a garden party. Keep the menu simple, and focus on items that don’t require a lot of preparation or cleanup to enjoy. Cut up lots of fruits and vegetables to serve with simple toppings. Keep a cooler full of ice teas and lemonade on hand for easy summer drinks.

Think tropical

Don’t forget to make the party decorations summer-themed, too! When it comes to summer party themes, think tropical and bright, and add some parasols and paper lanterns to your party decor. If you’re going to be outdoors, think about making the space as bright and colorful as possible.

Draw a Program

Before you get started with the planning process, you need to take some time to think about what type of entertainment will be best for your guests and what they are likely to enjoy. Do you have children coming to the party? Do you want an adults-only party?

You need to plan the entertainment and the activities for your party- the kind of music to play, games to play, things to do. Anything you can think of that your guests are likely to enjoy.

Have a rough schedule prepared for the hours of your party so you know how long you can spend on each activity on the list. This way you know exactly how long you have for each activity so you don’t feel rushed. If your schedule runs out of time, you know you are ahead of schedule.

Of course, this is also a benefit to yourself, because as host, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the time. The program will be ready when you are.

If you’re not sure exactly how to put together a program or what your guests would appreciate, look for activities you can do outdoors in the summer. After sunset, most people are in the mood to relax with friends and loved ones. You can keep it simple and keep it outdoors; that’s what summer is all about, after all.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

One of my favorite summer memories is the aroma of a blooming rose bush, and the buzz of an annoying mosquito. I’m not really a fan of those tiny mischief makers. I like to enjoy the beauty of summer, but I don’t want to have an itchy, swollen, red bite mark.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your summer gatherings without the usual occurrences:

Inside, think wearing a hat, long sleeves, and pants. Make sure to close all the windows in your home.

Outside, use candles, citronella lamps, or bug zappers to keep those things away.

Take Care of the Neighbors

If you’re having your party outdoors, owners of property surrounding yours will NOT appreciate you making a long-lasting nuisance.

Make sure your planning and party is a polite, welcome activity for everyone living around you. If your property has a high fence, be sure to install a gate that will allow easy exit and entry for both you and your guests.

If neighbors are close, be sure to have music at acceptable levels, especially when anyone might be trying to sleep, and turn off the music completely by midnight. If you’re a homeowner, check your association or bylaws for any specific noise ordinances. Also, many locales have noise ordinances that apply only to businesses and streets.

Serve food and non-alcoholic drinks to guests arriving by foot or bicycle as to not clog roadways or sidewalks.

Reduce the Cost

You’re going to spend a lot less and simplify your summer entertaining if you do a few things differently.

Here are some ideas to help you keep costs down and make the most of your summer:

  • Think small. Summer parties don’t have to be gigantic. Even if you’re planning an extended weekend barbecue, you don’t need elaborate games or lots of food for a day.
  • Serve simpler meals.
  • Make cocktails and have a low key evening. Cocktails work magic in the summer party equation. They help with the cost and with making things simple.
  • Assemble ingredients ahead of time.
  • Buy in season and in bulk. There’s no good reason to buy 12 ears of corn if you’ll be happy with the one you buy. Buy all your meat at once and freeze the unused pieces.
  • Cook with less expensive items.
  • Eat leftovers for lunch with family.
  • Have a potluck night. The more people who are involved in the planning and cost of the party, the lower the cost to you.
  • Savor the variety. Instead of making the dinner of the summer, making a good variety of all kinds of food you enjoy will satisfy everyone.
  • Try something new.


Above all else, have fun, relax and enjoy your summer party. Good luck in your endeavors.

Ways to Start Eating Healthy

The next chapter will help you on understand the importance of losing weight, and help you to learn how to overcome your dieting problems. Many people have lost weight in the past, but failed to keep it off. This chapter will show you how to overcome this problem.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to have realistic expectations. While you will gradually see steady results, it is unlikely that you will lose 20 pounds overnight.

See your weight loss efforts as a lifestyle change, not a quick-fix diet. An effective weight loss program is not a crash course, but rather a permanent lifestyle change. As a long-term strategy for weight loss, the diet you choose must be healthy, sustainable, and balanced.

Weight loss programs that make unrealistic or unreasonable claims are doomed to fail. A crash diet that forbids certain foods, or severely restricts your calorie intake will only make you put the weight back on once you stop the diet. Instead, select a healthy eating plan with a moderate reduction in calories. Ensure that your diet is balanced so that your body can get all the nutrients it needs during the weight loss phase.