Will My Hunting Chair Fit In My Tent?

Ray Cahoy
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As hunters, we’ve all lugged around a few chairs and have already done the experiment. You know the one, where you sit down and ask yourself a very simple question: Will this chair fit in my tent or not? I’m sure you’ve already looked at the inside of your tent and wondered if it can hold your rig, your bow and all your gear for the hunt. You know it’s going to fit, but you just want to make sure, right?

Well, I did the math to ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing in a chair and finding out it didn’t fit. You can simply read the inside of your tent and measure it to make sure it will fit.

I measured a few different size chairs and found that a first generation model, made of aluminum/metal, weighs about 15 pounds, is about 24.4 inches tall, and 22.5 inches wide.

After doing the math, I found that there was plenty of room in most any tent to hold one of these chairs and your gear. The weight of the chair needed to be the only caveat to whether or not a chair would fit. If you had to, you could strap the chair to the outside of the tent and it should work.